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Lithium Battery Recycling
Unlimited Value with Limited Resource
Ganfeng Recycling

Full category lithium battery recycling business, including power, energy storage, consumer electronics
Selected into the list of “Industry standard conditions for comprehensive utilization of waste power batteries for new energy vehicles” issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

Sustainable Recycling Solution

For different types of batteries, different recycling methods are adopted, also provide customized recycling schemes

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Lithium battery recycling, looking for mines in the city
Recycle Rate
Li > 90%   Co > 98%
Cu >85%   Al > 85%
Processing Power
Lithium iron phosphate battery:20000 ton
Ternary battery:14000 ton
Why us?
Accepts all types of batteries, satisfy diverse needs
We can recycle power batteries like Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries, and consumer batteries such as phone batteries, computer batteries. In addition, we also recycle battery components like cathodes and anodes. For electric car or power battery companies that produce multiple types of batteries, we provide comprehensive solutions for battery recycling.
Comprehensive network, more economical and safer
We constructed process facilities across the nation in order to lower safety risks during transportation. At the same time, raw materials can be distributed locally. On the other hand, recycling facilities overseas are planned to be constructed close to local resources, since it would be cost efficiently and eco friendly.
Our own transportation methods, ensure safety of deliveries
Ganfeng’s affiliated logistic company qualifies for transportation of dangerous goods. They have professional skills and experience to ensure battery deliveries follow the according procedure, so accidents like explosions or fires are prevented.
More materials extracted, more efficient in recycling
We have been in the Lithium industry for 12 years. We are not only able to effectively extract all kinds of recycled metal and process them, we also accumulate connections with sales to cycle resources back to the market. This established system of recycling allows maximum usage of resources.
New Tech to Recycle Batteries
High-value utilization, zero emission, improve utilization rate of resources

Relatively safer

Low energy consumption

Reuse all the mother liquor

Zero emission

High capacity for production

Low impurity

Ganfeng LiEnergy technology Co., Ltd.

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