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Consumer Batteries
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Consumer Batteries

Consumer Batteries

With our cutting-edge chemical engineering, our batteries can be charged up to 1000 times. They also have high energy density and high heat tolerance, as well as compatibility with 2C, 3C and 10C fast-charging. We focus on materials, chemical components, structure and safety of these batteries. Therefore, the production process is highly automatized and digitalized with testing like short-circuit, heat tolerance, structural shock. We implement strict quality control for every product to promote safety.

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TWS Button Cells

With leading researchers in this field, our TWS button cells feature anti-EMR design, innovative soft protective shells, customizable battery shapes. Headphones with these batteries can achieve better sound performance, better safety and better spatial organization. Through years of experience, Ganfeng earned a number of patents on button cells, manufacture 400,000 units/ day, and ensure deliveries of quality goods.

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TWS Button Cells
Why us?
Product safety
Ganfeng battery uses high-quality materials and starts from the bottom-up design structure (such as TWS button batteries with protective shells, etc.). After complex tests such as normal temperature cycling, high temperature performance, short circuit, and drop, the battery is safe and risk-free during normal use.
Long battery life
The battery products have been tested by many world-leading consumer electronic equipment manufacturers to achieve high energy density and ensure normal storage capacity under harsh conditions such as high and low temperatures.
Fast charging
Adopting cutting-edge technology at the chemical system and structural level can realize the mainstream manufacturers' demand for fast charging efficiency.
Shape customization
Provide customized battery products based on customer needs. For example, the cone-shaped battery in the TWS headset fits the shape of the device better and improves space utilization
Innovation & Patent
Relying on the 20 years of R&D of the parent company, it has a complete consumer battery patent matrix and has passed the patent review of many world-class manufacturers.
Technology & Cooperation
Cooperating with many scientific research institutions and having a professional solid-state battery team, it plans to apply solid-state electrolyte technology to consumer equipment batteries to improve capacity and stability.
Medical devices
Digital products
True wireless stereo
Electric bike
Mobile Phone
Wearable devices
Ganfeng LiEnergy technology Co., Ltd.

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