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Intelligent Power Battery
Smarter Than Ever, Stronger Than Ever
For Industrial Vehicle
Our batteries range from 10+ Ah to 100+Ah. All modular components and operating systems are developed by our team and they can be operated within -20 °C to 60 °C. The system carries our very own BMS module which features adaptive equalization, long-distance self-monitoring management and visualization through the cloud.

For Industrial Equipment

Forklifts, scissor lifts, lifts platform, etc.
Our versatile products can replace lead-acid system without changing the pre-existing lead-acid charger or electrical control system. Nonetheless, the system has more than enough power to satisfy daily use.

For Electric Bikes

Electric mopeds, electric bikes, electric motorcycles, battery packs, etc.
With light-weight design, anti-theft alarm, location sharing features, our original battery design offers superior safety, longer battery life, more competitive prices. It is suitable for changeable battery packs, resource sharing, parcel delivery , local transportation, etc.

For Trains & Ships

Ground vehicles at airports, tolling on railways, electric boats, etc.
The self-equalized charging mechanism is able to self diagnose its hardware. It is able to handle high pressure consistently. We made an interface to visualize relevant data, so the user can monitor the status and location of the device.

For Specialized Vehicles

Refrigerated trucks, Semi trucks, sanitization vehicles
The battery can operate in an overloaded state; it can adapt to extreme environments (temperature tolerance goes below -40 °C); it supports battery management, information collection via long-distance monitoring service to enforce security.

Why us?
Easy Replacement
Our lithium-ion batteries are able to replace lead-acid batteries in industrial vehicles. This form of direct replacement is highly compatible, since other components do not have to be replaced (including lead-acid chargers and electrical controllers).
Durable Power
Our RMS module incorporates active equalization technology to charge efficiently. The speed of charging can be increased to 3 times of its original speed. The battery life lasts between 8 to 10 years.
No Maintenance Required
The system can activate self-monetization or can be monitored remotely in order for the users to configure its performance. Therefore, costs for operation drops as the system has no need for maintenance.
Instantaneous Response
The system has a refresh rate as low as 7ms. It is able to pin point the exact problem and generate a solution (or a warning) immediately. This instantaneous response feature can thus provide real-time feedbacks and diagnostics to the user.
Comprehensive Database
The user can access data like GPS, activeness, malfunction description, product specification, etc. The server can support 2000 devices browsing online simultaneously. We also provide customizable service, according to customer’s needs, exporting data to help with analysis like workload distribution.
Battery Recycling
We have a comprehensive system for recycling batteries. Ganfeng has the capacity to process 34,000 tons of used lithium-ion batteries per year. We plan to build a comprehensive infrastructure to support 100,000 tons of lithium-ion battery per year to realize a sustainable production and recycling chain.
Ganfeng LiEnergy technology Co., Ltd.

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